Bitport – Download Torrents In The Cloud And Stream Them Online



Bitport is a service that allows you to download torrents directly to your cloud without having to install any software. You can download torrents using Bitport and stream them online, and more.

Bitport has following features,

1. Stream torrents online.


You can stream your torrents in Bitport with subtitles, right in your browser, or on your phone or tablet. So you don’t have to download it. According to Bitport, that’s the ideal solution for when you need to travel or you’re bored at school. And it’ll save both of your money and time.

2. Download torrents to your cloud.


If you use Bitport, you don’t have to use a torrent client like µTorrent, BitTorrent…etc. Bitport can download torrents at high speeds when even you’re away. So you can download torrents without wasting your time. Also you can store your files in cloud and you can download them whenever it’s convenient for you. Moreover, you can access your files anywhere.

3. You are safe on Bitport.


Safety is important to us, so Premium accounts are SSL certificate protected and we allow payments with bitcoins.When you download torrents with Bitport, your IP doesn’t visible to others. So you’re safe with Bitport. Furthermore, all downloaded files are checked by the well-known antivirus, NOD32.

You can use FTP to access your files on Bitport. So it’s easy to manage your files using another programs. Bitport gives you nice plans. You can choose either a free plan or a premium. Bitport has an affiliate program too. So you can earn a commission by joining it. On the contrary, Bitport has an interesting UI. So you’ll be a happy to work with it.

If you like to use Bitport, You can register for free. It’ll give you 2 GB cloud storage and 1 GB bandwidth per a torrent. And I personally believe that Bitport is a great service! is the one of the greatest online torrent caching services. It’s a good alternative for others like ZbigZ, Bitport…etc. You can get following features with the Free version,

*2GB Bandwidth (Downloads + Torrents)

*2GB Free Cloud Space (You can earn some free space)

*Online video streaming

You can register for free at and enjoy above features or you can subscribe there Pro plans. Happy Torrenting!


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